Aquafine 17491 UV Lamp Single Ended
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Aquafine 17491 UV Lamp Single Ended

 Aquafine 17491 UV Lamp Single Ended


UV Lamp Single Ended Aquafine 17491, 30 Inch Length, For CSL Series and DW-8, Mauve

Aquafine Single-Ended UV Lamp 30" Model 17491 For CSL Series and DW-8

This bulb has two electrical contacts on a single end of the bulb. 254nm disinfection lamp, mauve color base.


Aquafine Colorguard UV Lamps are specially manufactured with ceramic lamp bases. The ceramic material offers advantages over non-ceramic material such as greater high voltage electrical insulation, superior strength, rigidity, improved temperature tolerance, and are impervious to UV degradation. These lamps are exclusive to Aquafine and make mixing of different lamps types virtually impossible during change-out.