Membrane Dow Filmtec LC LE-4040
Filmtec Membrane
Membrane Dow Filmtec LC LE-4040, Membrane Filmtec LC LE-4040, Filmtec LC LE-4040, Membrane Dow Filmtec, Filmtec Membrane

Membrane Dow Filmtec LC LE-4040  

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DOW FILMTEC™ LC 4040 product range are available to meet a wide variety of customer needs in commercial applications, from producing high purity water to delivering low total system costs. Dow’s fully automated element production enables the most consistent products in the industry that minimizes the total cost of ownership of water treatment systems. LC LE-4040 delivers high quality water at low pressure at harsh water conditions, using Dow’s innovative, proprietary technology for low energy applications.


Permeate Flow Rate
gpd (m3/d)

Stabilized Salt Rejection

Minimum Salt Rejection

2500 (9.5)




·          Permeate flow and salt rejection based on the following test conditions: 2000 ppm NaCl, 77°F (25°C), 15% recovery, pH 8, and applied pressure 225 psig for LC HR and 125 psig for LC LE

·          Permeate flows for individual elements may vary +/-15%.

·          For the purpose of improvement, specifications may be updated periodically.



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