Mixed Bed Deionizer System
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Mixed Bed Deionizer System

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PFI MB Series Mixed-Bed Deionizer (MBDI) systems are designed for industrial, ultra-pure water applications only trace amount of dissolved solids are allowed. The cation and anion exchange processes take place in a single vessel extremely high water purity is achievable (up to 18.3 Meg-Ohm resistivity). On-site chemical regeneration of the resin also occurs within the vessels after an automatic separation step.



·         Heavy-gauge carbon steel pressure vessels internally lined with a chemically resistant vinylester coating. All exterior surfaces are coated with a acid and caustic resistant "Safety Blue" paint finish.

·         Flat-false bottom resin support with a hub-radial, non-clogging underdrain constructed of PVC for the ultimate in corrosion resistance.

·         High capacity, strong-acid cation exchange resin.

·         High capacity, Type 1 strong-base anion exchange resin.

·         Sch 80 PVC face-piping assemblies with thermo-plastic, normally-open, "Y" pattern diaphragm control valves. All control valves are air-operated requiring a 80-100 psig of clean, plant air supply.

·         Pressure vessels are mounted on a structural carbon steel skid and pre-piped to the fullest extent for minimal floor space ments and ease of installation.

·         Comprehensive Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system pre-wired in a NEMA-4X electrical enclosure. Includes all operator switches, push-buttons, indicator/alarm lights, and heavy-duty solenoids for control valve actuation.

·         Panel-mounted system flow meter and DI water resistivity monitor with digital display.

·         Pre-assembled system pressure gauge and sampling valve center.



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