OMNI DC5C2FP Dosing Pump
Chem-Tech Dosing Pump
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·         Pulsafeeder OMNI Metering Pump, 104.6 GPH @ 90 PSI, 115/230V

·         Pulsafeeder OMNI Series Mechanical Diaphragm Metering Pump.

·         104.6 GPH @ 90 PSI.

·         115/230V (60 Hz), 1/2 Hp, 1 pH, 56C Frame, TEFC Motor.


Manual stroke length adjustment (0 to 100%)


General Description
The OMNI series is designed to be an economical, compact, rugged, simple, and reliable diaphragm metering pump. It features an industrial design to work in just about any application. OMNI series pumps are an outstanding choice for the customer looking for a simple and compact diaphragm metering pump. These reliable metering pumps are designed to perform in the widest range of chemical dosing applications.

·         Accuracy +/- 2% of flow

·          Temperatures to 65°C (150°F)

·         Maximum 3m (10ft) NPSH

·         Maximum Suction Pressure 5 PSI or 0.4 bar less than design pressure.


Easy to Install, Rugged Construction

Simple, intuitive design is easy to operate and maintain. Oil free, greased for life bearing with no more oil to buy or change. Compact and lightweight. Designed to withstand both indoor or outdoor rigors (when protected from precipitation and direct sunlight).


Manual Stroke Adjustment Mechanism

Simple, click in place manual adjustment. Lock mechanism to assure desired setting is maintained.


Cartridge Check Valves

Guided ball check system reduces back flow and enhances priming characteristics. Simple o-ring seals provide for reliable leak free performance and easy replacement.



Product Type: Metering Pump, Diaphragm, Mechanical

Brand: Pulsafeeder OMNI

Max. Flow (GPH): 104.6

Max. Flow (GPD): 2510.4

Max. Pressure (PSI): 90

Max. Viscosity (cps): 50

Max. Strokes per Minute: 175

Flow Control: Manual stroke length adjustment (0 to 100%)

Turn Down Ratio: 100:1

Head / Fittings: PVDF / PVDF

Valve Balls: Ceramic

Diaphragm: PTFE faced Hypalon

Valve / Seat / O-ring: PVDF / PTFE

Connections: Pipe 1" NPT F

Motor: 1/2 Hp, 1 pH, 56C Frame, TEFC

Power Supply: 115/230 VAC, 60 Hz, 1 Phase

Includes: Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Instruction Manual


OMNI Metering Pump Possible Applications (with appropriate pump model and materials of construction.)
Typical applications include : Acids, Caustics, Polymers, Bleaches, pH Control, Solvents, Dyes/Inks, Catalysts, Cleaning agents, And many more.

When used in a system, the OMNI Pump can be used in applications such as : Water Conditioning Service - Chlorination; Water Treatement Service - Odor Control; Wastewater Service - Polymer Injection; Process pH Treatment - Acids & Caustics; and Process Water - Corrosion Inhibitor.



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