S463RL UV Lamp Sterilight
UV Replacement Parts
S463RL UV Lamp Sterilight, S463RL, UV Lamp Sterilight, S463RL UV Lamp, Sterilight, S463RL Sterilight, UV Lamp

S463RL UV Lamp Sterilight


 Sterilume-EX UV lamps


The Sterilight traditional UV systems use the Sterilume-EX UV lamps. VIQUA UV lamps have a proprietary stepped 4 pin configuration which couples with the ballast connector. All VIQUA lamps have been tested in order to deliver a specific UV intensity in each system that is offered.



 Length: 46cm (18.2") 

 Systems used in: S5Q-PA, S5Q-PA/2, SSM-24, SSM-24/2, S5Q, S5Q/2, S5Q-GOLD, S5Q-GOLD/2 

 Lamp Life: 9000 hours (1 year) 

 Description: 4 stepped pin, green lamp base

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