Static Mixers
Static In-Line Mixers
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Static Mixers


 KOFLO™ Static In-Line Mixers


KOFLO™ offers the most complete line of Static In-Line Mixers for the water treatment industry. These mixers provide complete instantaneous mixing of the treatment chemicals with water to maximize chemical efficiency. The following units are either schedule 40 clear or gray PVC with six (6) mixing elements and male NPT ends for threading into a tee for chemical addition. Larger sizes and other materials of construction are available for larger municipal/industrial applications.


·         CLEAR PVC 3/8-40C-4-6-2

·         CLEAR PVC 1/2-40C-4-6-2

·         CLEAR PVC 3/4-40C-4-6-2

·         CLEAR PVC 1-40C-4-6-2

·         CLEAR PVC 1-1/2-40C-4-6-2

·         CLEAR PVC 2-40C-4-6-2

·         GREY SCHEDULE 80 PVC 3/4-80-4-6-2

·         GREY SCHEDULE 80 PVC 1-80-4-6-2

·         GREY SCHEDULE 80 PVC 1-1/2-80-4-6-2

·         GREY SCHEDULE 80 PVC 2-80-4-6-2

·         STANDARD 1-80-4-4SP25-2


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Static Mixers