Sterilight BA-E36122 ballast UV
Ballast UV
Sterilight Viqua BA-E36122 ballast UV, Sterilight BA-E36122 ballast, BA-E36122 ballast, BA-E36122
Sterilight BA-E36122 ballast UV
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Where Used: SUV 24P-100P-/2, S24Q-/2, S24Q-GOLD-/2, SSW-4-/2, SSW-6-/2, SSWW-6-/2  

Input: 100-250V./50-60 Hz. 

Alarm: Visible, Audible 

Dry Contacts: NO 

PLEASE NOTE: This ballast s the BA-E3612 & BA-E3622


The BA-ICE-S ballast is used in the Silver® systems. This electronic ballast fires low pressure regular intensity lamps only. The ballast was designed to have a water-tight case and allows the operator to monitor the system''s condition through it''s 4 segment LED display.  

 This controller operates from 100-250V./Hz. with the power cord being sold separately.