Suez AG8040F-400 GE Osmonics Membrane
GE Osmonics Membrane
Desal AG8040F-400 GE Osmonics Membrane, Desal AG8040F-400 Membrane, GE AG8040F-400 Membrane, Desal AG8040F-400, GE Osmonics Membrane

Suez AG8040F-400 GE Osmonics Membrane

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RO Element TFC:

·         The GE Desal AG8040F Dry, Flush Cut reverse osmosis elements are used for brackish water desalination.

·         The A-Series thin-film reverse osmosis membrane elements are characterized by high flux and excellent sodium chloride rejection.

·         GE Osmonics Desal AG8040F High Rejection Brackish Water reverse osmosis elements feature a FRP outerwrap and 27 mil feed spacers and is designed with flush end connections.

·         GE Desal AG High Rejection Brackish Water Elements are selected when high rejection and operating pressures as low as 200 psig are desired.

·         These elements allow moderate energy savings, and are considered a standard in the industry.

Element Specifications

·         Model : AG8040F

·         Flow : 9200 GPD (34.8 m3/d)

·         Active Area : 350 ft2 (32.5 m3)

·         Avg. Rejection : 99.5%

·         Min. Rejection : 99%

·         Part Number : 1206779

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