Toray TM840M-1760 Sea Water Membranes
Toray Membrane
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Toray TM840M-1760 Sea Water Membranes



Diameter : 16”

Permeate : 308000 GPD  ( 117 m3/d )

Rejection : 99.8%

Thickness : 28 mil


Toray Sea Water Membranes

Following 4”, 8” and 16” membranes can be used in multiple membrane systems to treat sea water or high salinity water > 10’000 ppm. The 4” membrane types can be used for small private or shipboard sea water desalination.
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Standard SWRO

TM810C , TM820C-400 , TM820M-400 , TM820M-440 , TM840M-1760

High Flow SWRO

TM820E-400 , TM820R-400 , TM820R-440

Low energy SWRO

TM810V , TM820V-400 , TM820V-440 , TM840V-1760

Highest rejection SWRO

TM820K-400 , TM820K-440